Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hyderabad 06th November 2016

1ST RACE                            
                3              WIND ZOOM
                5              SYMBOL OF PRIDE
                9              DANCING FARHA
                4              VIJAYS TRIUMPH
2ND RACE                           
                1              AMOROUS WHITE
                4              WILD WINGS
                2              REACH THE HEIGHTS
                7              SWEETIE PIE
3RD RACE                           
                4              DAWNING HOPE
                1              PRIDE AND JOY
                3              NEW COMER
                2              CHESTER
4TH RACE                           
                6              VIJAY'S EMPRESS
                3              QUEEN TO RULE
                1              RUBY'S GIFT
                2              SEVEN COLOURS
5TH RACE                           
                6              DANDY GIRL
                3              ALTRUIST
                5              OATHOFYOURDAUGHTER
                7              EXCLUSIVE BEAUTY
6TH RACE                           
                4              DRAGONSTONE
                6              GREEN STRIKER
                1              OLYMPIC HERO
                3              COMPOSURE
7TH RACE                           
                4              THE HEALER
                5              VIJAY VIRAAJ
                1              WOMAN O WAR
                3              KOLORS
8TH RACE                           
                8              BRILLIANT
                7              VIJAYS SPLENDOUR
                1              WESTERN EXPRESS
                6              VIJAY VIDYUT
9TH RACE                           
                1              GENERAL SALUTE (Days Best)
                4              CASHEL
                6              TA TA

                2              STAR RUBY

Friday, November 4, 2016

Bangalore 05th November 2016

1ST RACE                            
                3              DAISY DUKE
                2              ROYAL SERENITY
                6              MAHOGANY
                1              MAYWEATHER

The opener today looks to be a three way go  Daisy Duke the plates having come out last outing deserves another chance for that brilliant run Royal Serenity today has the best assistance from the saddle cannot be ruled out , Mahogany is a consistent performer should be at the busy end.

2ND RACE                           
                7              JERSEY WONDER
                5              SUPREME DOMINATOR
                2              AMBITIOUS REWARD
                6              SOUTHERN FANTASY

Had Jersey Wonder not been interfered last outing would have finished closer to hall of fame or may have even beaten it , deserves another chance , Supreme Dominator is in form should fight out the issue , Upset if any could be from Ambitious Reward who seems to be going the favorite distance with mush better assistance to guide its winning chances.

3RD RACE                           
                6              SPLENDID BRAVE
                1              WINTER BLOOM
                2              NEW ERA
                5              HIGH PROFILE

Splendid Brave has been hitting the board or atleast being near about , today with Srinath to guide should not disappoint , Winter Bloom looks to be well held for a coup can surprise New Era should be in place money atleast.

4TH RACE                           
                1              ROYAL SCEPTRE
                7              SERENA BALLERINA
                2              ANTANANARIVO
                3              CAPTAIN MORGAN

Royal Sceptre looks good for this field unless right money flows in the direction of Serena Ballerina Antananvario and Captain morgan should fight out the minor placings.

5TH RACE                           
                1              SHIVALIK GIRL
                2              AFRICAN EMPEROR
                5              BELLEROPHON
                8              FLIRTING EYES

African Emperor should easily get the better of front running Bellrophon but 1st run after being gelded is best ignored  instead i decide on on Shivalik Girl in place as a good bet infact may also hedge a small bet for win , worth a chance.

6TH RACE                           
                1              DUKE OF CLARENCE
                5              FIRE GLOW
                2              PROSERPINE
                3              SUPER STRONG

Straight Dual between Duke of Clarence and Fire Glow advantage former for run in mysore where it appears was not fully extended , bolt from the blue if any could be Super Strong.

7TH RACE                           
                4              J GATSBY
                3              AMBLESIDE
                7              MAJESTIC STYLE
                6              ONLY PRINCESS

J Gatsby always at its best when fresh , on its striking track and winning  distance worth an eachway chance , gut feeling says should not disappoint if all goes well.

8TH RACE                           
                1              FIRING LINE
                4              OPENING ACT
                2              FOTOGENIC
                3              GOODWILL WARRIOR

All 4 in Rousing form giving an edge to Firing Line as it did not get best of runs and on reverse Handi today.

Nothing Really stands out as the Days Best bet today for me but if i really have to would nominate Daisy Duke and for value bet certainly its J Gatsby eachway , all the best .

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bangalore 04th November 2016

Live hoof beats to roar again on the Bangalore winter track from today ,  always a feast for the eyes seeing a action packed card on this famous track of South India, not to mention the delight of punters seeing the backed passing the winning post 1st inn front of the full capacity stands at the winning post

Todays card does look competitive just sharing my views but its always advisable not to get involved much into wagering on 1st few meetings since form horses might not be fully fit to run as per expectations and also the track conditions may not suite many.

 ZAFRAN,SIYOUNI,CALL ME MAYBE,BLESSED ONE look to be the main contenders in this race , ZAFRAN was seen in forward condition and recent tracks confirm its condition should fight out the issue with SIYOUNI who has run in better oppositions and today has a better assistance from the saddle , CALL ME MAYBE i feel did not show its true form last outings and is capable of giving better account of itself worth a try eachway , BLESSED ONE with positive change of shoes could  be an upset if any.

FLYING BULLET last run in mysore is best ignored due to interference should not have any trouble if right money comes in today to overcome the likely challenges of  ROCK N ROLLA ,LUC DIVINE and ARZIKI who showed decent form in just concluded mysore season

REFERENCE,WATCHMYSCRIPT,TOWERING HEIGHTS should be the main contenders distance wise WATCHMYSCRIPT won very easy over a mile but i feel REFERENCE should improve on its start to finish victory over 7 furlongs to get the measure of both the rivals.

SZABLE run wise looks the best chance but do not rule out chances of ABOVE THE REST and SAFFRON INTENSE former finished close up to stable mate if well tried here can upset the fav while later a perfect 7 furlong horse showed form finishing close up 4th RARE RHYTHM with promising tracks at best can place.

SUPER SUCCESS if handled well by the rookie should see out both DOWNTON ABBEY
LIFE AWAITS since its better on scale today and last run was not a true run , MAGICAL LIGHT should fill up the frame.

SANS PEUR certainly best suited by the terms of the race if it fails race left open to BOLD COMMAND,BOOKER JONES and AURIGA.

AKHA TEEJ stands out tall above the rest in this set should easily have better of MILLROSE also note MARIKO for place.

ROMANTIC HELEN should not disappoint today with the best assistance from the saddle today and promising past performance will the connections look to be the main danger for minor placing FILMSCRIPT,QUEENOFGOODTIMES,FIND and SANTORINI SECRET look good to fight out.

Just my views your views may differ wishing you all the best which ever way you decide, may not be available for live updates today during race time but you can follow me with live updates by joining my whattsapp group   by clicking here

Monday, October 31, 2016



6              SWEET SUSPENSE
2              SREEYANTRA
1              CELERINO
3              ZURVAN

9              SHIVALIK SHAKTI
6              FLY FLY
4              CENDRILLON
8              UPTOWN GIRL
2              GIMME CREDIT
8              AARON'S
6              XIPEN
3              ANNIE OAKLEY

1              WAR GAMES
5              SIGNIFICANT
4              ROMAN RIDGES

4              CACHAREL
2              ZACARA
3              STEPHANIE
5              BACAARDI

4              DYSNOMIA
11           TWEEDLE DEE
1              MYSTIC ROMANCE
2              INTERSTELLAR

7              SANS PRIX
8              AQUITANIA
2              MIDNIGHT STAR
12           MR FOGG'S

2              THE STRADLE (DAYS BEST)
9              I TOLD YOU KNOW
1              AUXILIUM
3              ALL ROUNDER


1              GEORGE CROSS
3              AGUSTA BOMBSHELL
2              WINE N DINE
5              SAVE THE NATION

2              WESTERN WIND
7              NAAZAAN
3              LIMITATION

4              FASHION HIGH
6              NEW STATE
7              PLAIN JANE
1              AEROFOIL

3              SEFARINA
1              SHER AFGAN
6              INVASION
4              HAMMER

1              BHARAT KING
3              WONDER EYE
4              MANOGAMINI
7              PICTURE PERFECT

1              ASHWA RAFTAR
4              PAPRIKA
10           RAHULS PET
2              MAGNA CARTA

5              KOHINOOR KARISHMA
3              ROCKY HILL
6              MALAKEYE ZIBA
8              DOLCE

5              CITY OF HARMONY (DAYS BEST)

2              MY CHOICE
1              FORTUNE STAR
5              RAGAS AJALIAS

3              ROHINI

Kolkata 01st November 2016

Short Views : Kolkata

CELERINO lost as the fav last outing unfortunately due to saddle shifting back , gelded after that run running after nearly 7 months probably will be tested with Blk today , undoubtedly the .best horse in the field if decides to go ,if not SREEYANTRA and SWEET SUSPENSE should be at the busy end.

SHIVALIK SHAKTI 's last run best ignored otherwise a consistent performer worth an each way chance

GIMME CREDIT's form suggestive hopefully should not disappoint in passing the winning post 1st today from AARON'S.

WAR GAMES looks all sett to amend its last close finish verdict with better assistance from the saddle today.

CACHAREL today going the preferred distance cannot be ignored worth a try even with an apprentice if it fails ZACARA and STEPHANIE should fight out the issue.

DYSNOMIA 2nd in the Derby earlier winner of fillies trails should not disappoint should prevail over Bharats duo of  MYSTIC ROMANCE and TWEEDLE DEE.

SANS PRIX's should not disappoint ,if it fails race is open to all.

THE STRADLE should have no problem in getting better of I TOLD YOU KNOW, AUXILIUM can be noted for place.


Horse Racing Betting Strategy: How To Pick a Horse

Horse Racing Betting Strategy: How To Pick a Horse
When it comes to horse racing, there are many variables to consider when trying to pick out a winning horse before a race has even started. Although it’s impossible to say that a horse will definitely win, there are many factors that can point to a strong probability that a horse will win or get placed (come second or third).

Reading Form

One of the best ways to pick up some horse racing tips is by 'reading the form', the process of looking over a horse’s past performances and gauging whether or not it has a realistic chance. However, this is an in-depth, analytical approach; if you’re looking for a quick way to pick a horse then there are a few factors that are vital to a successful choice.

Examining the Race Card

Scanning a race card can be tricky, but the task is made simpler if you look at the horse’s form figures, which are always found immediately to the left of the horse’s name. If the figures are predominantly firsts, seconds and thirds, then you can safely assume that the animal is consistent.
Additionally, it is mostly sensible to veer away from the top of the race card, because that is where the horses that carry the most weight are found (i.e. carrying the heaviest jockeys and saddles). However, the horses allotted the most weight have been done so because of previous good performances, so this method is not foolproof. It is also an idea to look at the betting forecast, because the bookmakers are often one step ahead of the punter.

Example | 2011 Grand National

Such swift methods may lead to one or two successes in horse racing betting, but cannot guarantee consistent returns. Indeed, it remains much easier to pick a winner if you study the form, for only then can you assess all the variables. Let’s take the 2011 Grand National as an example: the winner, Ballabriggs, demonstrated extraordinary stamina to win the longest race in the world. The horse’s jockey, Jason Maguire, and his trainer, Donald McCain Jr, are widely recognised as a successful jockey/trainer combination. At Aintree in April, the ground was good, and Ballabriggs had run with credit on good ground previously. Additionally, Ballabriggs is a proven jumper, and his performance over the larger obstacles came as no surprise.
If we delve further, looking at previous races, we can see that this was a horse that liked running round a right-handed track, as Aintree is. This shows that there are other, more complex variables at play when it comes to horse racing betting: how much a horse likes a track, how much a horse has gone up in the weights since its last run, how often a horse runs, how well the jockey knows the horse, how good the trainer is, and so on.

Jockeys Judging the Race

Perhaps the most important factor is how good a jockey is at judging a race. With an experienced jockey on board, the horse’s chance automatically improves. It is difficult to gauge how good a jockey is without knowing each one individually, but it would do no harm to follow the likes of AP McCoy, Andrew Thornton, Ruby Walsh, Richard Johnson and Timmy Murphy. Some punters are known to base every selection they make on one jockey alone.
The best method for choosing a horse is ultimately down to the individual; indeed, many people rely purely on instincts to decide which one they’re going to back. However, the best chance of consistently picking winners is by picking up on horse racing tips by studying as many variables as possible before every race. Websites such as Paddy Power Sports and Bet365 Sports have in-depth details for each horse, so you can study the form and make an informed decision based on the knowledge you’ve accrued.